Here are some of the the beautiful things about

Community Healing Centers.

The centers are filled with the presence of God. You will have a feeling of peace and joy from the time that you first enter our doors.  You are surrounded by beauty everywhere you go. The centers have an open feeling, lots of light, bright rooms and big windows. They are an oasis in the middle of an urban environment. The centers are a place to be healed, soothed and uplifted and transformed by the Spirit, to walk Christlike on the earth.The activities of the center will support your personal spiritual, physical and emotional growth. They also provide great, enjoyable opportunities for fellowship with family, friends and make new friends and enjoy a wide variety of uplifting, fun and exciting activities  You can also spend quiet time in solitude, in prayer and communion with God. Find your quiet place in our meditation room or chapel or walk the paths in our beautiful gardens.

Greeters:There are people who greet you when you come it, to make you feel at home. They want to know your name, find out what you're looking for or what your needs are, make you feel at home. The centers will be successful to the degree that we really make people, especially those that are new to the center, feel loved and wanted. This is a very healing and life affirming culture. The Centers are filled with the presence of God 

Greeters will strive to have ongoing relationship and communication with people who come to the centers to make sure that they feel connected to, cared about, loved and that their needs and goals for being at the centers are being met, not just on their initial visit but ongoing.

People will be directed to the many resources of the Healing Center/Community Center that best fit their needs and interests.

Being a greeter is an opportunity to express God's love through living Christ. Students in the medical, health and healing ministry training program may have an opportunity to serve as greeters to reinforce their people and communication skills and develop relationships within the community.

Large chapel: This beautiful, large room can be used for church services held in the centers on Saturday and Sunday. Students in the medical, health and healing  ministry training program may have an opportunity to participate in the after service prayer team for those needing prayer, healing and direction from God.

The large chapel can also be used for events hosting special visitors from other places who act as guest pastors or speakers, for lectures, movies and presentations after the weekly community meal or other special events. It has a large stage that can be used for worship, music, dancing, painting, concerts, talks and presentations.

The large chapel, atrium, other meeting rooms and grounds can also be used for family events, events for children, fun, movie and game nights and neighborhood events.

Small chapel: Short daily services, 20 or 30 minutes in length, can be held in a small chapel. The centers can hold one or even several services during the day for prayer, Bible reading, meditation and inspirational reading. Students in the medical, health and healing ministry training program may have an opportunity to participate in the daily service program.

Healing rooms: This is where people come for prayer and healing for their physical, mental and emotional health issues as well as lifestyle related issues. We welcome people of all ages and backgrounds to attend and benefit from our healing rooms. Our centers will also have a special clinic just for the health needs of children. 

Our Facebook page and ministry team receive approximately 30,000 prayer requests each week. This includes prayer requests for specific medical and health issues, like healing from cancer, strokes, pain, flu's and every possible health issue as well as prayer requests for many life problems. People write us asking for healing for job and financial problems, relationship issues, addictions, family problems, housing and a wide variety of other issues. As with the Facebook page, we will invite people coming to the centers to present all of their important needs for prayer and healing through God's love, grace and mercy.

The centers will have prayer teams every day of the week to pray for healing and wellness. The prayer teams will include a prayer team leader, prayer team members and students and interns from our Medical School of Supernatural Ministry training program. There will also be an artist on the team who will do prophetic paintings/drawings for everyone receiving healing from our team. The prayer team will provide healing prayer, counseling and kind, caring support.

The prayer team will help the people coming for healing to understand their true identity in Christ and not accept or believe the lies of the enemy that create illness, disease, discord, pain, misery and suffering in every part of one's life.  If we look on the weaknesses and sins of our outer selves, we will be enslaved to those sins, but if we understand the glory and presence of the Lord within us, we will understand our true selves as loved sons and daughters of God. Healing will help us focus on Christ in us will produce a level of health, wellness, joy and love like that of Christ.

People can go to the healing rooms on as needed basis or receive on-going prayer at regular intervals. Visitors to the healing rooms will fill out forms and give direct personal sharing of their issues and needs with our prayer team. With each subsequent visit, the visitors will share how God is moving in their lives as well as any strongholds that need additional prayer and attention.

There will also be a creative arts room for classes and self directed projects and a healing room for laughter and joy  to promote healing, wellness and a positive quality of life. 

Meditation and quiet room: This is a beautiful, quiet, peaceful room with plants, waterfall or pool where you can go for peaceful prayer and meditation, to uplift your mind and heart and meditate on the word of God. In Philippians 4:8 we are told to focus and meditate on "Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things."

The meditation room is a very comfortable and enjoyable room. It has a library area with many inspirational books that you can browse through as well as take-home inspirational pamphlets of the prayer of salvation, baptism in the Holy Spirit, Lord's prayer inspirational writings on your identity in Christ and other essential topics for a Spirit filled and fruitful life.

Breaking Bread, Sharing Meals - Jesus was always sharing meals and the apostles were frequently breaking bread together. Thus, sharing meals at the centers is an important activity since it is in the spirit of how Jesus and his disciples spent time shared together.The centers will sponsor weekly healthy, delicious dinners, monthly brunch buffets and after work fellowship "joy hour" with snacks that give members of the community a comfortable and inviting place to unwind, relax and refresh after a busy day. These meals and get-togethers will take place in the atrium/gathering area. Seating with folding chairs and portable tables as well as the cluster seating and coffee table areas can be used to accommodate smaller to larger groups.

The meals can be community pot lucks where people bring dishes to share buffet style. They can also be prepared from our center's kitchen as sponsored low cost meals and served in the big atrium/gathering room. The meals prepared at the centers will be healthy, organic, simple and delicious. Dinner will be followed by worship in the sanctuary, music concert or an inspirational talk on spiritual and other topics by guest speakers or a movie.

Large kitchen: The centers will have large, well appointed and well stocked kitchen that can be used to prepare meals for weekly dinners, brunches, after work "joy hours" and community events.

Classrooms and multipurpose rooms:  A wide-variety of classes, workshops and support groups that promote physical, mental and emotional healing will be offered as well as classes that support living a God filled and God centered life, celebrating love, joy, happiness, abundance, creativity and peace of mind. The classes and events will celebrate the dynamic Christian life! 

The classes and workshops will be offered throughout the year on a monthly or quarterly basis. Many of the classes of the medical ministry training program will be available to members of the community who are interested in specific classes in the program. Classes in interpreting dreams and visions and prophetic gifting can be offered. Classes and groups will help to enrich and deepen your relationship with God through the study of the Bible, and understanding your identity in Christ. 

Practical life skills such as developing Christian based business skills and finance, alternative health training classes, a scriptural and practical approach to weight loss, cultivating healthy relationships, married and singles programs, healthy cooking classes, exercise classes, creative arts classes such as painting, drawing, dance, music in the Spirit classes, art therapy classes are examples, along with many other possible class offerings, based on the interests and needs of the community.

The workshops can be one or two day intense and in-depth programs on targeted subjects such as a prophetic painting or developing business skills workshop.

Support groups can be on going or created for more limited time periods in which people commit to attend for one or two months. Support groups can be targeted to specific goals, like prayer groups in which people can pray for one another and provide mutual support or toward goal setting and achieving of specific goals.

The support groups can also be created based on the interest and needs of the community. The focus can include anything from weight loss, overcoming addictions, exercise, managing emotional and stress related problems, grief, cultivating healthier relationships, having a better relationship with money and finances- basically whatever people seem to need to work through in a God centered, scripture based supportive and caring environment.

The option also exists for the classroom and meeting rooms to be rented out for neighborhood and community events to foster a spirit of openness and welcoming to the community in which our centers are located. 

Bookstore/Gift Shop: The centers will have a wonderful book shop/gift shop/book shop that is open 7 days a week!  It will make available books from our training programs and classes, as well as books, CD's and videos and other resources on spiritual and alternative health topics,. It will also have beautiful artwork and prints from our staff and community, and CD's and videos from our creative arts program. The bookstore/gift shop will be a great place to browse and shop. It will attract customers from the community and be a place to bring friends, family and out-of-town guests.:There are people who greet you when you come it, to make you feel at home. They want to know your name, find out what you're looking for or what your needs are, make you feel at home. The centers will be successful to the degree that we really make people, especially those that are new to the center, feel loved and wanted. This is a very healing and life affirming culture.